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Yamaha Mio Soul GT, Price and Specifications

About Yamaha Mio Soul GT. Not to be outdone by Honda earlier this month launched a PGM-FI 125 Vario, 125 Vario Yamaha challenge with its new flagship matic, Yamaha Mio Soul GT. Yamaha Motor y6ang claimed as macho matic was created specifically for men who want to be different, youthful, and energetic.

Same with Honda Vario 125, using the GT Soul Fi tech machine called the YM-FI JET JET-alias Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture. Yamaha Mio Soul GT is a refinement of Mio Soul with a technology that is certainly more mainstream technology mutakhir.Selain YMJET-FI, doi is also equipped with forged pistons and cylinder diasil. Completion of works to improve engine durability and performance.

Of the GT engine using engine 4-stroke, SOHC, 2 valve 113 cc capacity and using the cooling fan. This machine can produce up to 7.75 ps at 8500 rpm and peak rotation torque up to 8.5 at 5000 rpm position.

Meaning GT pick the third letter. That is 'Gentle', according to the target market. The second meaning is Great Technology or Green Technologi accordance with the sophistication of the technology that brought this cool bike. While the meaning of the third is in accordance with the Grand Touring motorcycle-inspired design of typical Modern Car Mucle Amrik.

Yamaha Mio Soul hallmark of GT is so evident in the design of a very macho. The design is inspired by modern muscle car body is seen casting a typical American muscular impression on the curve of the motor body. Sport and DNA are depicted with sharp lines typical Yamaha.

The main characteristic is evident in the shape of the headlamp eyes that give a sharp and aggressive powerful impression. Yamaha Mio Soul headlamp GT car was inspired by modern American grill. While the eyes of an angel-shaped light twilight inspired by European luxury sedan. GT logo on the character of a logo design using 3D as applied to Yamaha Mio and Yamaha Jupiter MX Fino.

Another cool feature Yamaha Mio Soul owned by GT and the other is not owned matic spedomoter area with 3D detail chronograph watch brand is expensive and famous men plus eight square accent alias octagonal bezel. Other supporting features a roomy trunk to support the various activities. Also integrated shutter key and the fuel tank area.

In terms of color Yamaha Mio Soul GT keeps the inspiration of modern American muscle cars. That is the basis of striking colors, minimalist striping games That focus on the curve of the body. There are seven exciting colors According to the character of the rider. Fighting them is Red, Green Lightning, Lunar White, Woman Blue, Sirius Black, Deep Purple and Bronze Armor.

There is a way there is a price. The price offered by Yamaha for its new flagship matic is well below the price of Honda PGM-FI 125 Vario. That is released in the price range of $ 13, 9 million (the price on the road in Jakarta). Price is certainly not the same for every city, also depending on the package and the promotion of each dealer.

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